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Middle School Football Players and Parents Letter

Posted Friday, July 22, 2011 by Bill Woistman
Dear Trinity Middle School Football Players and Parents,
Hello, my name is Mr. Woistman and I am the head coach of the middle school football team. This is an exciting year for the Trinity Football Program and our middle school team. The purpose of this letter is to inform both players and parents of some important information. This information will help provide a smooth and successful season for our middle school team.
This year we will play 1 scrimmage and 7 games.  All games will be played on Wednesday or Thursday in the afternoon or evening. . 
All home games will be played at the middle school field or high school field. Parents should pick their player up after these games at the middle school. For all away games the bus will return to the middle school after each game. Parents who wish to take their son home after an away game (not riding the bus back to the middle school) can do so as long as the parent/ legal guardian sends a signed note. All notes must be turned into the office for principle approval prior to leaving school for the gameA player may only leave an away game with his parent/legal guardian.
Once school starts we will be practicing at the middle school immediately after school. Practice will last from 3:00pm to approximately 5:30/5:45pm.  Players will be dismissed on first dismissal. Players are to go to their school lockers and immediately to the visiting locker room. This locker room is next to the auxiliary gym. ANY FOOTBALL PLAYER CAUGHT IN THE HALL AFTER 2:50pm will be disciplined. Players who are late must have a pass from their teacher in order to enter the locker room. 
Practice will begin August 17, 2011 at Trinity Middle School at 3:00pm. In order to participate in these practices each player will have to hand in a completed physical form. School physicals were given in early June, but you can still get a physical from your own doctor. Physical forms are available on the school district website, in the high school office, and in the middle school office.  If your son does not have a complete physical form he is still required to attend all practices until the form is complete. Attendance is extremely important and will be taken at the beginning of each practice. If your son is in school he is expected to attend practice. If there is a problem please make sure your son sees me in my room (R – 109) before the end of the school day.
The first few days we will be wearing shorts and t-shirts. At the end of the first practice we will attempt to equip all the players. This will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Our first fully padded practice of the season will take place on August 22, 2011. Each player will be equipped with a full practice uniform with the exception of shoes. Each player will be provided one mouth piece for the season. Any additional mouth pieces will cost one dollar each. Each player is responsible for his equipment; any equipment lost or damaged will be the player’s responsibility.
If you have any questions or concerns we will have a brief parent meeting on Friday, August 19, 2011 at 5:15pm. This meeting will take place in the stadium bleachers. I can also be reached during school hours at (724) 228 - 2112 EXT. 5176 or you can e-mail me at woistmanb@trinitypride.org before school starts.
Mr. Woistman
8th Grade Head Football Coach

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