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Pennsylvania State Passing Camp Championships News and Notes!

Posted Monday, June 07, 2010 by Ed Dalton
Here is some information on the Pennsylvania State Passing Camp Championships:

1. Brad Martin did a nice job of managing the QB position and the Hillers.  The Hiller faithful are going to find he is a very good decision maker and an accurate passer.
2. Ty Billie as was expected came through on some big plays on both offense and defense at flanker and strong safety.
3. Ty Yocca is very quick when he gets the ball in space.
4. Dom Raggi and Bob Steinstraw make the Hiller tight end position strong coming into the season.
5. Mike Cleveland is catching the ball well and is a big target.
6. The Matt's [DeWeese and Friewald] are very elusive slot receivers.
7. Corey Hunsberger had a breakout day for a rising sophomore.
8. The depth in the receiver positions is much bettert than anticipated and Mike Schumacher appears to be ready to compete for playing time.
9. On the Hillers biggest play of the day Chris Piatt had an amazing screen block down the field.
10.  The linebacker position has grreat competition going on with Kyle McWreath leading the defense from the middle.
11. Taylor Davidson and Brandon Robertson both showed great effort at Sam backer.
12. Dom Raggi and Pat Jennings were almost perfect during the day at alignments at the Will backer position.
13. Depth at safety is an issue right now, as is it at corner.
14. We need to get more reps for all of the safeties Billie, Cleveland, John Laschinsky, and Hunberger.
15. The same thing can be said for the cornerback position with Friewald, DeWeese, Schumacher, we need to add reps and depth.
16. Look for some movement in the secondary this week.

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