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Looking for a positive role model for young athletes?

Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by Ed Dalton

Marcus Hendren:


Consider Marcus Hendren, a senior at Johnstown-

Monroe High School in Johnstown, Ohio. We did, and

we were so impressed with this young man that he was BFS’s

unanimous choice for the 2007 BFS Male High School Athlete

of the Year.

ooking for a positive role model for young athletes?


by reviewing Marcus’s accomplishments in the athletic arena.

First, like all athletes we consider for this award, Marcus is

a multiple-sport athlete, competing in football, basketball,

baseball and lacrosse. He excels in all four, but the sport that

caught our eye – and the eyes of college scouts – is football.

At 5 feet 11 and 185 pounds, Marcus has 4.5 speed

and plays running back and defensive back for the Fighting

Johnnies. The slogan for the 2006 team, which finished 9-3

and was a regional semifinalist, was “We Are Taking Care

of Business.” And this year Marcus did exactly that as he ran

for 2,900 yards (8.4 yards carry average) and 36 touchdowns,

twice scoring six touchdowns in one game. He is ranked as one

of the top five leading rushers in Ohio, and he was a finalist

for the Mr. Football award, which is given by the media to the

young man they believe is the best football player in the state.

In the weightroom, Marcus, pound-for-pound, is one of

the strongest players you will find anywhere. Starting with the

BFS is a magazine about student-athletes, let’s start

A closer look at one of America’s

most inspirational student-athletes







BFS Male High School Athlete of the Year

A talented multi-sport athlete with a 3.9

GPA, Marcus was an obvious choice for

BFS’s most prestigious award.

BFS Readiness program in junior high,

Marcus trained hard and increased his

strength to the level where he can power

clean 275 pounds, bench 320, and full

squat 500. Whew! And academically,

you can’t expect much more from a

young man. He holds a 3.9 GPA and

scored 27 on the ACT.

Second to None

Mike Carter is the athletic director

and head football coach at Johnstown-

Monroe High, and he has coached

Marcus throughout his entire high

school experience. Because Marcus’s

older brother, Dustin, had played for

the Johnnies, Carter knew that with

Marcus he was getting a young man

from a great family; he would have

a work ethic second to none. “We

strongly believe here that hard work will

pay off in big dividends, as long as you

believe and give it all you’ve got. We

tell kids to be tough, try as hard as they

can, and have fun.”

Carter says that thanks to his

introduction to conditioning with the

Readiness program, Marcus had good

technique and was ready to get strong

– which he did sooner than expected.

“Marcus’s quickness improved tremendously

during his freshman year, so by

his sophomore year he became a starter

at defensive back.” Carter says that by

his junior year his strength levels had

improved tremendously, so he was

moved to starting tailback, rushing for

more than 1,000 yards, while also playing

outside linebacker.

In 2006, Carter says, Marcus’s

dedication to being the best he could

be – “He was always the first one in the

weightroom and the last one to leave” –

had a positive effect on his teammates.

“Marcus was not the most vocal of our

players, but his work ethic made him

stand out as a fantastic leader. When

you have a young man who works hard

and has high goals and aspirations, the

other kids start to look at that and join

in.” And that’s exactly what happened:

Along the way Marcus became cocaptain

of the basketball, baseball and

football teams.

When describing Marcus’s character,

Carter says, “It’s unbelievable

how humble this young man is. He has

never been in trouble, from kindergarten

to 12th grade – he is the perfect,

role-model student, very likeable, very

quiet, and friends to everyone.” Carter

adds that in his spare time, Marcus

is involved in the local 4-H club and

participates in fairs where he shows and

sells farm animals.

A snapshot of Marcus’s character

occurred in one of his breakout games

in his junior year. Says Carter, “All

the reporters wanted to interview him,

and Marcus came up to me and said,

‘Coach, I only want to do this interview

if I can bring the linemen with me,

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because they were the ones who did it.’

Sure enough, he took the linemen up

with him for his post-game interview

– and that’s the way it’s always been.

All his interviews are never about ‘me’;

they’re about success being a team

effort and he’s just one piece of the


Much of Marcus’s success can be

traced to a strong, supportive family

that includes his mother, Ann; father,

Dave; and two brothers, Dustin, 19,

and Mitchell, 16. Dustin, who played

linebacker for the Fighting Johnnies, is

now playing for Capital University in

Columbus, Ohio. Mitchell, who got to

play alongside Marcus this year on the

lacrosse team, carries a 4.3 GPA.

Marcus’s family lives on a dairy

farm; the family business is a dairy-andgrain

operation that Marcus would like

to help carry on after a college career

that will focus on business and agriculture.

And Dave, who works alongside

his own father in the business, says he is

thrilled that Marcus wants to return to

the farm after college. “There’s nothing

greater than working alongside your

Head Football Coach Mike Carter


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