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Posted Tuesday, September 29, 2009 by Ed Dalton

What's good?

Caught up with Cody Endres away from the podium today and asked him how he's looking at the situation he's in now and how he sees it when Zach Frazer returns.

"My goal is to stay on the field as long as I can and whatever happens, happens...the coaches are going to put the best players they feel on the field...I'm just going to do the best I can to let them know that I'm the guy that should be out there," Endres said.

Would you be crushed if you weren't?

"You're killin me...," Endres said laughing.

Well, given what he had done last year (leading the team to a win over Big East champ Cincinnati and a loss to West Virginia); going through competition in the spring, the preseason, then coming in and not being able to save the day against Carolina but scoring a big win at Baylor, wouldn't it be crushing?

"I wouldn't say I would not be upset but I'm going to keep fighting, you know, whatever happens, I'm going to keep fighting in doing whatever I have to do," Endres said

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