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Posted Sunday, July 12, 2009 by Ed Dalton
I have just completed an article to be submitted to a national magaizine on training in the off season for a high school football player.  I don't want to publish the article here before it is published in the magaizine but here are some of my thoughts.  Basically I think there are five area of development of which in my opinion no one is more important.

1. Multiple Joint Explosive Weight Training - These are lifts in which your feet are on the ground and you train explosively using multiple joints on each lift.

2.  Core and overall physical development - This is training the core muscle groups as well as training for physical body development, concentrating on the young athletes need areas for development.

3. Speed/Plyometric/Flexibility training - Equal emphasis on each and the overall understanding on how speed and quickness can be improved just like strength can.

4. Skill development - Individual technique work on skills that are the most important in the position he plays.

5. Diet - I think this is the most overlooked aspect in the young athlete, and I think it is where our program is clearly ahead in that our players understand eating and nutrition.

I turned these into an article with much more detailed and football specific examples of each of these categories.  I also think when the article is published and I post it here our players will be able to figure out some of the example players I have listed as examples not using their names in the artcle. 

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