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Levels of Commitment, which one are you!

Posted Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by Ed Dalton
     Levels of Commitment
1. Compelled: Team goals are of the utmost importance. Players feel a true sense of mission and purpose. They seek and enjoy putting in extra time and effort for the team’s accomplishments.
2. Committed: Team goals are of high importance and the player is willing to do whatever is necessary. Puts in extra time and effort to help the team win
3. Compliant : Team goals are important. The player will do whatever is asked to achieve goal. They agree with team goals and rules. Will do no more, no less.
4. Reluctant : Player is hesitant or afraid to commit to team goals. Usually does enough when prodded, but cuts corners when they can get away with it
5. Resistant: The player has not bought into the team goal, usually because he has his own agenda. Selfish.

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