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Posted Monday, April 27, 2009 by Ed Dalton

Sometimes one person just does not jump out at me in a week especially in the off season. The good news is that this occurs because we have so many athletes training at a high level sometimes its hard to distinguish. So this week I will give you some names that are doing very well.

[] Joe Havirlak in season is still getting in two lifts per week and is hitting in baseball better than ever.
[] Dusty Digon is the model of consistency and never misses a workout.
[] Ken Wilkins has really stepped up his training over the past month and you can tell.
[] Seniors Ryan Moore, Andrew Steratore, Dusty Avolio, Mike Wall normally train together and have really been pushing themselves at everything.
[] Dan Miller is without a comparable he literally could be the off season player of the week every week.
[] Rising sophomores Jon Lachinsky, Mike Schumaker, Ty Yocca are always there two days a week after track.
[] Many of the juniors are also staying after track to train JD George, Dom Raggi, Matt Friewald, Mike Cleveland
[] Bob Steinstraw and Kyle McWreath really go at it in trainig.
[] Chris Bombash has really stepped up his training and also Tim Gordon.
[] Freshman Andrew Carl, Vic Spino, Jordon Aloia, Evan Gallagher, James Getz and Mike Grudi, do not miss a workout and the results really show.
I guess I could go on and on and thats a good thing. I will be back to naming one next week!

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