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Three of next years Freshman are training machines!

Posted Monday, March 02, 2009 by Ed Dalton
I am the last person to write about upcoming ninth graders but these three athletes have really gone above and beyond and are training with great purpose.  It is actually amazing for me to watch these guys perform day in and day out in the weightroom and with the ladders and plyo and jumping workouts.  Here ya go!

Jared Deep - Simply put rivals Dan Miller for work habits and dedication.  Remarkable form on all his lifts for his age, and great desire to be great!

Nick Riotto - Great motor for training and great form on all his lifts.  Does a great job of balancing his schedule with all his other stuff!

Jake Pato - Jake is the biggest suprise to me in the class.  He has trained with great purpose and kept pace with Jared on all the events.

Keep up the good work, thats the last compliment ninth graders will get for awhile!

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