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The next new thing "Ninth Grade Scouting Combines"

Posted Thursday, January 08, 2009 by Ed Dalton
Ninth Grade Football Combines already take place in Texas, California, Florida as a way to evaluate talent at a younger age level.  It is said that Pete Carroll at USC wants to know who the best ninth graders are as his coaches visit various schools for older players.  Well it looks like Pennsylvania is about to have its first version of a ninth grade combine and one of them is going to be held in our region.  I am going to do some research and talk to a few coaches that I know in the State of Texas and see what the relevance is and wether not it is a good idea.  I know as a coach the younger you can get players to compete at a high level against other athletes the sooner you can seperate extreme talent.  So I will update you as soon as I found out more about this event.

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