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If you think it is hard to be a NFL Player, well imagine this

Posted Sunday, December 28, 2008 by Ed Dalton
Obviously the odds of being an NFL Player are astronomical.  Now imagine you are a part of a seven man team and only half as many as NFL Teams only 16 teams exist in the world.  Then imagine you are the leader of the team and what are those odds like now.  Well Andrew Steratore's dad Gene is a referee in the NFL and there are only 16 NFL referees in the world.[they are the ones that where the white cap]  There are  32 starting QB's to put it in perspective and  next week some of these crews or individual officials I don't know exactly how it works will receive NFL Playoff Games.  Here is wishing Mr. Steratore the best of luck!  The sky is the limit and that includes the Superbowl.  For the rest of us it gives us some perspective on how talented of an official you have to be to reach that level!

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