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Posted Wednesday, October 22, 2008 by Ed Dalton
I started a project one year ago of collecting mini helmets for all of our players who are playing football at the collegiate level.  The mini helmets are in my office and I am working at having signatures put on the helmet by those players.  I have created a list below to show you but I am still missing a few helmets.  I would be more than willing to pay for the helmets if anyone can pick up one at the college book store I would appreciate it.

I have

Penn State - Mike Yancich
Ohio State - Andrew Sweat and Andrew Miller
Ohio University - Brandon Weaver
U Conn - Cody Endres
Lafayette - Nick Nagy
Mercyhurst College - Ben Jennings
Marietta - Sam Walz [i need his signature]
Westminister - Dan Orrision [i need his signature
Denison - Jon Berg, Jordon Linck, Mike Kushner, Will Minor, Jim Minor, Mike Cruny [ i need their signatures]
Bethany - Tim Meeks [i need his signature]
Geneva - Ryan Bruckner [ I need his signature]
Waynesburg University - Troy Garove, JD Berry, I need signatures for [Chad Jacobson, Mike Kaminski, Ryan McWreath, Ken Gluth]
W&J - Graham Cowieson, Ian Haley, Mitch McClay, [i need signatures from Ryan Gallagher, JD Gardner, Mike Ashbaugh]
Mount Union - Taylor Deep [i need his signature]

I need helmets from:
Army - Mark Faldowski claims he has one will wait and see and I need his signature when I receive it
Grove City - Steve Bruckner, Jason DeMeo and Bob Perri will need to sign when i get this helmet
Thiel - Ed Fitzgerald will have to sign when I get this helmet
California - Jon Testa and Nick Weaver will have to sign when I get this helmet
Rober Morris - Dave Burnsworth will have to sign when I get this Helmet
Allegheny - Josh Baker will have to sign when I get this helmet
West Virginia Wesleyan - Chance Varner, Nick Sworden, Ian Killen will have to sign when I get this mini helmet

     I probably missed someone how is that for a list!!!!  Anyone who can help I would appreciate it, again I will cover the cost of the mini helmet if you find one of the missing ones!!

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