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My Heartfelt Apology

Posted Saturday, October 04, 2008 by Ed Dalton
My ejection from the CV game and subsequent penalty of not being allowed to coach the next game by PIAA rule should never have happened.  First, the officials on the game were not good and should not be offiating any level above youth league, that said the lowest form of coaching is arguing with officials.  Once you lose your focus by arguing with officials you lose your concentration on the task at hand coaching football.  By being ejected I let the entire football program down.  I apologize to the parents, players and staff for putting them in a terrible position.  The players and staf did a great job in my abscence, it should have never happened period.  As a 20 year head coach I should have had more self discipline.  We are now in a crucial situation wherethis week's game becomes a pyoff game, we must be ready...we will be you have my word!

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