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Posted Saturday, August 16, 2008 by Ed Dalton

1. If you were worried about the inexperience at QB you might be sleeping a little better tonight.  Andrew Steratore was nearly flawless[one dropped snap and one bad decision] leading the Hiller Offense to four touchdowns in 28 plays.  Brad Martin followed Steratore and all he did was throw a 70 yard touchdown pass to Joe Havirlak on his first career Varsity throw.
2. The D Line has a chance to be one of the best ever...not at Trinity but in the history of the WPIAL remember I told you and mark that down.  They still have alot of work to do, but they are dominating.
3. The offensive line is not just huge it is athletic for a group that average over 6'3 and 271 pounds.  They played well and will be another group that will make people take notice during the season.
4. At times three players were trying to block Lashawn Bryant.
5. How about Tyler Bille's catch?
6. How aout Andrew Steratores run and suprising speed, he runs way better than anyone knows?
7. Speaking of runs did anyone else take notice of Dusty Avolio at running back he sure has made the competition for that position even better.
8. Did Dan Miller destroy those two players on that left sideline run?
9. Did Chuck Sochor destroy that receiver late in the Varsity Scrimmage?
10. Everytime Al Frey gets the ball the defense has to be nervous.
11. How fast was Havirlak on the 70 yard pitch and catch?
12. Did Buck Gnagey look like a runaway train on that trap?
13. I thought the jv's played very effecient and did well for their first event together.
14.  Speaking of hits write down Tim Gordon and Chris Bombash for a BING!
15. That Bell was ringing alot today...but you know what this scrimmage really means...we are one week closer to when the games mean something!!



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