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Posted Saturday, April 12, 2008 by Ed Dalton

This week when looking to see who deserves some credit it actually was not difficult to find a few to single out for their performances on the training side in our strength and conditioning program. Since they all will be sophomores next season I decided to name them all the same week.

1. Dusty Digon - Dusty trains now five days a week and has really impressed me with his dedication. I would say he has improved in every aspect of training from weightlifting to ladders and he is to be congratulated for his dedication to being great.

2. Matt Friewald - Matt was AWOL for two weeks when we started the winter cycle of the program, but in the last two moths his dedication and improvement have been dramatic. Matt to has seen development in all aspects of his training and is to be congratulated for his effort.

3. Tim Dames - Has really had probably the best winter of all sophomores in terms of strength development. Tim has been dedicated from the start and really is sound and strong for a player that is only going to be a sophomore. Tim or Matt as he is sometimes known is to be lauded for his hard work this past week.
All three of you guys keep your eyes on the prize and don't let up with your training.

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