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No single player a bunch of pats on the back!!

Posted Sunday, March 09, 2008 by Ed Dalton

1. Dan Miller still has the single best work habits of any player I have ever coached period.
2. Jack Jamerson has really trained hard this winter and it shows take a look he is 240 and very thick and strong.
3. Lashawn Bryant has impressive strength numbers in all our early tests.
4. Best jump rope sequence guys, Havirlak, Steratore, Deweese, Steinstraw.
5. Steinstraw has a great motor for work.
6. Drew Iams has slapped on 20 pounds and is really impressive.
7. Rising sophomore Dusty Digon has great workout habits.
8. Ty Grimm, Larry Woods, Ryan Moore, Dusty Avolio, Nate Lojek, Mike McClelland, Mike Cleveland have done a great job of training since spring sports have started last week.
9. Jay Murphy another sophomore is a very hard worker.
10. Rising senior Aaron Matusky has really begun to train the way he needs to be good.
11. I can't say enough about how hard Buck Gnagey, Alex Frey, Evan Bukowski have trained this past month.
12. Its a great thing when it is hard to find guys who are not training hard.
13. Seth Yoders, Alex Pepper and Ty Billie have made remarkable improvement in squats through training.
14. The rising sophomore class has remarkable work habits.
15. Does anyone realize how big our lines are going to be this coming season!
16. Ken Wilkins was the first varsity player ever "all called" to the weightroom.
17. Tim Dames, JD George, Jordan Secreti never miss a workout. [sometimes Secreti brings company]
18. If Brian Higgins has improved the most in the weightroom it is not far ahead of Chris Bombash, Jake Puscarich, Tim Gordon and Ty Mazzie.
19. I don't think Ben Brownlee has ever done a workout he did not ask for overtime after it was done.
20. Mike Wall is working at an incredible rate right now...he just has to keep his focus.
21. Two newcomer uperclassmen have shown promise Tony Edwards and Mike Preston.

Last Months Top 3 Workers[this is a tough list]
Dan Miller
Craig Gnagey
Bob Steinstraw

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