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Posted Sunday, May 27, 2007 by Ed Dalton

I remember once I was talking to Mike as a freshman telling him he should start weight and speed training with the varsity. He pointed out to me he had a personal trainer, and she was training him. I stated to him that she does not coach a varsity football team he wants to play on in the future. After a few weeks he joined us in the weightroom a year early. The bad news was he still did not get how intense he had to be when he trained and how important technique was in the weightroom and in strength training. Well I am very proud to tell everyone today Mike Wall gets it!!! Since February he has trained five days a week, we have split his routine so he would not work the same muscle groups and he has packed fifteen pounds of muscle onto his frame. He is beginning to get the physical look of the kind of linebacker he wants to be in the future. It is for his amazing winter dedication that Mike Wall is the first sophomore to be named Athlete of the Week. Keep up the hard work, and keep working toward your goals. I know you have set the bar very high for yourself.

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